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              Why Palm Beach?




              Perhaps it is our pro-business environment, educated and diverse workforce, affordable business and living costs, high-grade education and training opportunities, and solid infrastructure systems. Perhaps it may be influenced by the wonderful weather year-round and the perfect corporate lifestyle. But rankings don’t tell you the whole story – the best way to find out why Palm Beach County SHINES is to ask the companies already headquartered under our beautiful skies.

              PBC HQ Companies


              3Cinteractive Corp.
              Airspan Networks
              Anspach Synthes
              Bankrate, Inc. 
              B/E Aerospace, Inc. 
              Biomet 3i, a Zimmer Biomet Company
              Bluegreen Corp.
              Campus Management Corp.
              Cancer Treatment Centers of America 
              Careers USA 
              Centerra Group, LLC
              Concurrent Technologies
              CrossMatch Technologies
              Depuy Synthes Power Tools, a Johnson & Johnson company
              Dycom Industries
              Epoca International
              Florida Crystals
              Florida Turbine Technologies
              G4S North America
              Garda Cash Logistics
              GeoGlobal Partners 
              Holtec International
              Infinity Sales Group
              Jarden Consumer Solutions 
              KRS Global Biotechnology
              Locus Traxx Worldwide
              LRP Publications 
              MDVIP, Inc.
              Medical Staffing Network 
              National Healing Corp. 
              NextEra Energy, Inc. 
              Office Depot
              Open Peak
              Oxbow Group 
              PSM, an Alstom Company
              Promise Healthcare
              Purity Wholesale Grocers
              QEP Co., Inc. 
              Quantachrome Instruments
              Sancilio & Company
              SBA Communications
              Shoes for Crews 
              Sun Capital Partners, Inc. 
              TBC Corp.
              The GEO Group
              The Learning Experience
              Thomas Produce Co. 
              TMS Health 
              Tyco Integrated Security
              US Polo Association

              Industry Clusters


              The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County organizes an Industry Cluster Committee network as well as several Task Forces. We play a role in removing barriers to cluster formation and helping pro­vide a forum for businesses in these targeted clusters.


              Our strategic location makes Palm Beach County the gateway to delivering your business to the world – the rest of the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Consider these advantages:



              The quality of life is something every CEO must consider when relocating a corporate headquarters.  Palm Beach County simply has the best of everything, and your employees and their families will be happy to call this home.


                • Beautiful weather and semi-tropical climate.
                • Over 400 cultural venues and organizations.
                • Clean and safe neighborhoods.
                • 47 miles of pristine beaches where the Gulfstream comes closest to the eastern coast of the U.S., with warm turquoise waters and endless water-based sports and activities including fishing, snorkeling, diving, water- and jet-skiing, and boating.
                • Professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB close by.
                • Home to spring training for two MLB teams: The Florida Marlins and The St. Louis Cardinals.
                • Florida’s golf capital and home to the PGA of America, with more than 160 courses, many designed by golfing legends.
                • Home to the Winter Equestrian Festival, U.S. Open Polo, ArtiGras, SunFest, and the Palm Beach International Film Festival.
                • More than 1,100 pro-quality tennis courts, including the world-famous Delray Beach Tennis Center.
                • Access to modern, world-class healthcare with thousands of qualified physicians, research-based treatment facilities, outpatient and urgent care facilities, nursing homes and assisted care living, specialty care centers, and some of the nation’s best hospitals.


              Florida’s stable and highly favorable tax climate provides advantages that make a Florida headquarters or location profitable for every type of business. Progressive legislation continually ensures that we remain a worldwide hub for new and expanding businesses. Florida has…

                • NO corporate income tax on limited partnerships.
                • NO corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporations.
                • NO state personal income tax guaranteed by constitutional provision.
                • NO corporate franchise tax on capital stock.
                • NO state-level property tax assessed.
                • NO property tax on business inventories.
                • NO property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days.
                • NO sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state.
                • NO sales tax on purchases of raw materials incorporated in a final product for resale, including non-reusable containers or packaging.
                • NO sales/use tax on co-generation of electricity.

              In addition, there are tremendous sales and use tax exemptions, as well as incentives available at the municipal, county, and state levels, and access to venture capital, investment, and other financial support.  Click here for more information on taxes. The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County is your one-stop resource for a custom-tailored and confidential plan for finding your new place in the sun.

              In today’s highly competitive business environment, every advantage counts. It is mission-critical to find a location that affords you every opportunity to be successful and as such, Palm Beach County excels in all of these areas: 



              • Why Palm Beach County?

                There’s a place where some of the nation’s largest companies are headquartered, and more relocate here every day. A place with a pro-business and highly favorable tax environment – both for you AND your business – with no personal state income tax and no corporate income tax on limited partnerships and sub chapter S-corporations; with a long list of sales and use tax exemptions; a place you already know as one of the most beautiful in the country: Palm Beach County, Florida.

                Learn more

              • The Perfect Business Climate

                In today’s highly competitive business environment, every advantage counts. It is mission-critical to find a location that affords your business every opportunity for success. To that end, Palm Beach County excels in all of these areas: A well-educated workforce, an advantageous pro-business climate, access to high-quality healthcare, a strong housing market, and a great place for your employees to raise a family.

                Find out all THE FACTS

              Kelly SmallridgeKelly Smallridge
              President & CEO

              About the BDB

              The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Florida, is the public/private economic development entity for the County and Enterprise Florida, the State’s official economic development organization.

              Founded in 1982 as a not-for-profit corporation, our primary purpose is to attract and retain new industry, business investment, high-quality jobs, and workforce development through corporate relocations, expansions, and international trade, stimulating economic energy, promoting business diversity, and enriching the County’s vitality.

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